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Medical Conditions and Injury Rehab

Exercise can help improve many medical conditions and help with rehabilitation from an injury or operation.

I can help control and in many cases improve Type 2 diabetes, reduce high blood pressure and help with depression through good nutrition and exercise choices. Just to name a few.

Many times after an operation to replace joints or even with someone who has been suffering debilitating lower back pain it is the last thing on your mind to exercise. However in my experience with over a decade of working with clients to regain their independence, together we can reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. I would be with you all the way explaining the benefits and the reasons why you should do certain things, giving you the confidence and motivation to achieve more.

Clive's Story

"I am in my late 60's and weighed 18 ½ stone and a diabetic who was injecting insulin 4 times per day before meals and bed. 5 years ago I had my right leg amputated below the knee. I have tried various diets over many years but nothing really worked. My wife wanted to find someone who had the right qualifications and experience to help me.

Ieuan met us and outlined nine "Ford Fitness Life Rules" to follow combined with a personally designed exercise programme for me to follow. I went to my GP and got his approval to start training - at the right level for my age and state of health.

12 months later and I am 3 ½ stone lighter and no longer having to inject myself with insulin to control my blood sugar levels. I also have lots more energy than I have had in years. Lots of people saying WOW you look well! The way you walk now I would not know you had a false leg! At my annual diabetic review at the medical centre I was congratulated on my health and well being improvements.

One thing I like about Ieuan's approach is the overall Personalised Plan to my specific needs at a pace I can manage. Of course it requires effort on my part, walking up and down hills, stretching muscles that have been asleep far too long. But each step of the way Ieuan encourages me and explains why we are doing a specific exercise and how it is helping me on my effort to get fitter.

And it works!!..."

Please be aware that results from Personal Training can vary for each individual and there is no guarantee of specific results